A.Clockwork.Orange.1971.1080p.BrRip.x264.YIFYThere is no rape or any serious graphic content is featured in the rape scene of Mrs.Alexander (the writer’s wife) from the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange‘, yet it is one of the most perverted and disturbing scene for many – Interesting !! Mrs.Alexander’s agony was left for the audience imagination and the scene gets frightening in their mind. Its is a classic scene destined to be an example of generating amplified emotions by making the audience to stand in the character’s shoes – One of the many reasons for considering Stanley Kubrick as the ‘Master of Cinema’

I was startled when I learned that the most iconic features of this rape scene was actually unscripted. Alex performing “Singing in the Rain” as he attacks the writer and his wife was actually the result of relentless discussions and rehearsals that lasted for four days. Kubrick’s visions turned a horrible sick moment to a piece of amusement. As Alex performs “Singing in the Rain”, a new meaning is defined for the song. The rape is no more violent – it is turned to stylishly poetic textured with elements of comedy and sarcasm.He filmed full frontal nudity without turning the whole movie into a cheap porno. The song reveals the contradictions in Alex’s behavior. Alex is no more a brutal psycho but he feels more like a fascinated child paying with toys !!

I could get the vibes of a jitter from the scene. There is a rhythm followed throughout in the choreography. The way Mrs. Alexander is thrown up and carried around by the droog, the swiftness shown in snipping off her pajama suit by Alex starting with her breasts, the beatings on Alexander, the stomping, the serene painting of Seedboxes in the background and above all those extreme camera shots by Kubrick feels the scene like a dance scene. You might be surprised to note that Mrs.Alexander never makes any struggle to save herself which is totally contradictory to an actual rape and I believe it was a part of the comical tones the scene intended to follow and stands as a Kubrikan trademark.

All appreciation to Malcom McDowell and to the terrific performance of late Patrick Magee. It’s through his eyes we feel the violence. Pity on Adrienne Corri who was ‘raped and stripped’ consistently for four days.

This particular scene is an excellent example of how a mixture of careful planning and inspired improvisation can produce a dramatically effective scene on film. undoubtedly one of the best moments from Stanley Kubrick !!

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